Disable Sign-in Prompt

Category: Relationships

Optionally disable the relationship login prompt so that relationships to not have to indicate their identities to access your content. We do not recommend this option because this tool allows you to meet and understand your relationship and contact them. Relationships login to Vestorly prompts 7x more frequently than a standard web-form.

This article will teach you to disable the prompt for readers arriving:

Readers who click through from an email are not prompted to login, because their email address is automatically captured.

Disable Web Embed Prompts

  1. From the top Send menu, select Website.
  2. From the settings, click “Disable sign-in prompt for new relationships.”Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.08.42 PM
  3. Click Save.
  4. Proceed with instructions to embed the library on your website.
  5. If the library is already embedded on your website, this change will not automatically take effect. You will have to generate a new code and replace the code on your website.


Disable Social Media Prompts

This option disables the login prompt from any links you post as a Social Roundup or by using the share tool on individual articles. It does not take effect if you simply copy and paste a link and post on your social account.

  1. From the top Send menu, select Social Media.
  2. Click Edit text.
  3. Select “Disable sign-in prompt for new relationships.”
  4. Click Save.