Getting Started

Category: Account Basics

Getting started with Vestorly is easy. Streamline your approach by completing these steps in our suggested order. Feel free to go off course and discover more of Vestorly.

  1. Customize Your Vestorly Account
  2. Create Content Libraries: Start with one to keep it simple, or create multiple now. You can add, remove, or make changes any time.
  3. Publish Content to Library: We highly recommend automating the publishing process. Read the auto-publish section closely.
  4. Embed Your Library: Once you have libraries and content, add it to your website to enrich your homepage.
  5. Add Readers: Import from one or all of your sources and add to the correct libraries.
  6. Create and Send Email: With content and readers, you’re ready to reach out to readers proactively.
  7. Post Social Roundups: Share your created libraries on social media too to reach even more.