Import a List of Contacts without Deleting Their Existing Tags

Category: Relationships

If you import a list of contacts into Vestorly, and that list contains some contacts who already exist in your account, those contacts will only have the new tags you import. Their tags will not be automatically merged, they will simply be overwritten. Read more about tags here. Follow the below instructions to make sure this does not happen.

  1. Export your contacts. The relationship report will be sent to the Reporting Recipient on your account, which can be changed from the Settings page.
    Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 9.52.49 AM
  2. First we will want to see if any people on the new list are already in Vestorly, and if so, which tag(s) they have. Begin by opening the exported Excel file, and open the new Excel file you want to import.
  3. Copy all email addresses from the new list. On the Vestorly_Users_Export excel sheet insert two columns next to Column D. Paste all values that you just coped in Step 2 into Column E.
  4. In Column F run a VLOOKUP. We are comparing all values in Column E to the values in C and D. Here are instructions for running a VLOOKUP.
  5. Column F indicates which of these new contacts already exists in Vestorly, and displays their tags. If the field reads #N/A that person is not in Vestorly.
  6. Copy column F. Go to the new list (which contains all people you want to upload).
  7. In Column E on new list right click and select Paste Special. Choose paste text or paste values.
  8. In Column F you will use the Excel merge formula to merge any existing tag and the new tag into one cell. Here are instructions for merging cells. Choose to separate the data by semicolon.
  9. Copy values in Column F. Right click in Column D. Paste special to paste all values. The pasted values should be a combination of the tags (old and new if applicable).
  10. Delete any column that remains after Column D.
  11. Make sure all headers are still properly labeled (First Name, Last Name, Email, Tag). Save this as a CSV and upload into Vestorly.