How to add an image to articles being pulled in through an RSS feed

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If  you are using a custom RSS feed to pull in content, and the image on the post is not what you would like – or it is not showing up – please forward the following instructions to your webmaster. The below guide highlights how to get a specific image on the posts.


The RSS feeds need to include an element for image. Below are instructions for adding this element into your RSS feeds. ____

<image> sub-element of <channel>____

<image> is an optional sub-element of <channel>, which contains three required and three optional sub-elements.

<url> is the URL of a GIF, JPEG or PNG image that represents the channel.

<title> describes the image, it’s used in the ALT attribute of the HTML <img> tag when the channel is rendered in HTML.

<link> is the URL of the site, when the channel is rendered, the image is a link to the site. (Note, in practice the image <title> and <link> should have the same value as the channel’s <title> and <link>. ____

The following resource provides more insight: