Vestorly for Websites: Advanced Configuration Options

Category: Embed

Vestorly for Websites can be fully customized by modifying the CSS. The embeddable content display can be modified by inserting a custom supplied CSS URL (review standard implementation process here).

Please note:  Advanced configuration options are not possible using the embed code in the Vestorly application.  You will have to follow the instructions below to create your own Vestorly for Website


Here is an example of a how your custom embed code is formatted.

<iframe scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” style=”minwidth:275px;max-width:99%;min-height:800px;maxheight:100%;overflow:hidden;position:relative;border:none;margin:8px;height:260px;width:100%;” src=”//”></iframe>



The Embed has a number of important parameters:

  1. Style

The style parameter allows you to amend the iframe width and height, among other things.

The additional parameters are defined here. Please note examples here.


  1.  Advisor ID

The advisor_id parameter can be obtained from the initial path in your Vestorly Discover when viewing post articles.

The URL when reading a post would be for example,

The advisor_id in this example would be capital-1o.

If you have trouble finding the advisor_id parameter, please ask a Vestorly customer success representative at


  1.  Embed Type

There are 4 embed types that can be styled by setting: embed_type=[list, basic, vertical or carousel]


  1.  Style Link

This would be the URL linking to your custom CSS file.

Simply change the parameter URL: style_link=[Custom_Url_here]


  1.  Group ID

The group_id parameter can also be obtained from the path in your Vestorly Discover.  For example, clicking on   shows the group_id right there.   This would be group_id=57a354669b3989000d0003ac right here.